Welcome to the new employee app – oneGB

Stay informed

Stay up-to-date with what is new and important at Groz-Beckert with the oneGB employee app. Thanks to oneGB, you can check the latest news on your smartphone, tablet, or PC – any place, any time. From company announcements to info on local events and international trade fairs to the current food menu: oneGB does it all, always current and available on the go. In addition, the app provides services such as an overview of your remaining vacation or leave time. The app’s content and services are constantly being expanded and updated.


oneGB offers you the ability to both stay informed as well as to participate actively. You can like, comment, and even share news. You can also send messages to colleagues using the app in order to communicate quickly without having to exchange phone numbers.

Installation instructions

Download and install app

Open the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) and search for the app “Limeade One”. Install the free app on your smartphone or tablet.

Learn how to first log into oneGB below under “First login”.

Using the app via browser

The following address will take you to register in the app’s browser interface: https://one.sitrion.com/?corp=Groz-Beckert

GB Windows user available

Open the “Limeade One” app and enter “Groz-Beckert – oneGB” in the search field.

You will then be prompted to enter your UPN (User Principal Name) which is the same than your GB email address, if you already have one (see screenshot). Otherwise please us firstname.lastname@groz-beckert.com.

Next, enter your related Windows password and confirm the entry with “Log in”.

No GB Windows user available

Open the “Limeade One” app and enter “Groz-Beckert – oneGB” in the search field.

You will then be prompted to enter a user name. Your user name is included on the PIN letter as a UPN.

Im nächsten Schritt müssen Sie das Passwort aus dem PIN-Brief eingeben und die Eingabe mit „Anmelden“ bestätigen.

Starting the App

When you first register, you will be prompted to specify a 4-digit PIN to open the app.

Öffnen der App

You can also specify biometric data to open the app if your smartphone or tablet supports this.

Touch ID für oneGB

We, Groz-Beckert KG, take the protection of your personal data very seriously.

Groz-Beckert KG (“we”) operate the oneGB employee app in order to provide you, as an employee of Groz-Beckert, with quick and easy access to company information. In addition, you have the option of speaking with individual colleagues or with larger groups via the chat feature. Furthermore, the app allows you to call up personal information or to report such to Groz-Beckert.

In doing so, we guarantee that we meet the requirements of applicable data protection regulation.

Read more on the oneGB app privacy policy and terms of use here (valid for Germany). The policy valid for your country are available in your app library.

News stream

Stay up-to-date any time, any where, on your own terms. All important and interesting company announcements are made via oneGB.


Chat with colleagues and exchange information rapidly. Employees can create their own chats or chat groups and organize themselves as they see fit.

General information

Are you wondering where Ostbau II is or would you like to send praise to your favorite colleague? Is the food menu available in a digital format? Yes, all of that is possible with oneGB.

Personal area

Would you like to view your remaining vacation or leave time from the comfort of your own home? With oneGB, you can do so at any time (not in every affiliate available).

I wasn't able to log in – why not?

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Can I also leave a chat?

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Can I view my vacation days on oneGB?

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