Magazine July 2011

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Knotex tying technology – worldwide interest

A one-day-long Open House was held on February 17 this year in Bandung, on the premises of Groz-Beckert Indonesia. Sales Manager Hans Hägele and Mr. Arief Alawuddin, a local service technician, provided an impressive presentation of the very latest warp tying technology on Knotex tying machines.

The presentation machine used was the Knotex tying machine AS/2 quattro with a broad tying-in frame, which has already been sold to the renowned company of Kahatex in Bandung. Factory owners, managers and also warp-tyers from almost 50 different weaving shops in Indonesia showed great interest in the warp tying technology demonstrated, as well as the technological details.

There was a special focus on the unique highlights of the Knotex tying machine, such as the yarn break control - immensely important during the tying process - and the device for short knot-ends which is integrated as standard into all the machines. The AS/2 quattro is a universal, high-speed warp-tying machine for all fine and medium yarns - whether for cotton, wool, silk, synthetic yarns, mixed yarns or elastic yarns, or even denim. The innovative quattro technology is already integrated into the basic model. For report checking, error display and statistical evaluation, the AS/2 quattro can also be delivered with the Knotex Knot Control/2® computer control.

If you're interested in a Knotex tying machine, do feel free to contact Groz-Beckert directly: either via the contact information or the comprehensive Product Overview in the Weaving Preparation Sector.