Mobile and stationary – cleaning systems from Groz-Beckert

Modern drawing-in systems and weaving machines are highly sensitive to even slight contamination of weaving machine accessories. Cleaning systems from Groz-Beckert optimize accessory cleaning and minimize the time and effort required.

To make optimum solutions available, Groz-Beckert offers various cleaning systems. The universal cleaning machine Cleaning System can be used to clean reeds, healds and drop wires . The Drop Wire Cleaner, however, is specifically for cleaning and polishing drop wires. With the ReedCleaner Groz-Beckert meets the demand for maximum flexibility and offers a mobile unit for cleaning reeds in the weaving machine.

Cleaning System

As versatile as the weaving industry

The universal cleaning machine Cleaning System from Groz-Beckert is an integrated unit for the mechanical-chemical cleaning of reeds, healds and drop wires.


Targeted cleaning

The ReedCleaner from Groz-Beckert cleans reeds hydro-dynamically using steam and specially developed cleaning agents.

Drop Wire Cleaner

Thorough and easy

In the Groz-Beckert Drop Wire Cleaner, cleaning takes place in vibrating work chambers. A special mix of granulated material thoroughly and gently cleans drop wires.

Drop Wire Cleaner

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