Magazine September 2019

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Athletics: needle improves artificial turf production

The artificial lawn sector has been growing for decades and now offers an extremely wide variety for all applications in the field of sport and landscape. "Athletic artificial turf" is not only found in football, but also in hockey, rugby, golf, tennis and other sports. In practice, around 75% is used as sport flooring and 25% for the landscape/leisure sector.

It is also a valued partner in dog training areas. In the private sector, artificial grass is often used on roof terraces; but is now also not uncommon in normal gardens.

This high product variety requires a constant stream of innovative solutions for new applications. The use of multiple carrier materials, so-called multilayer's, in conjunction with high pile heights and large stitch spacing places significant loads on the gauge parts – in this case, the tufting needle. Conventional tufting needles can no longer withstand these loads. This is why we have developed a reinforced needle type with improved needle design specifically for these requirements. The innovative optimization reduces the deflection of the needle to a minimum to guarantee perfect yarn take-up by the hook.

The specially developed YY tufting needle with SAN S-point geometry offers significant advantages when used with the Groz-Beckert Gauge Part System (needle, hook, tufting knife):

  1. The double groove and more stable edges significantly reduce the deflection of the needle
  2. The take-up of the entire loop by the hook facilitates a perfect cross-section
  3. The SAN S point style means that significantly lower penetration forces are required
  4. As the most stable needle in the range, it is multilayer-compatible

With this development, Groz-Beckert offers a complete and highly technically developed product range, which will be constantly adapted to the growing requirements and demands of the industry.